Star Real Estate Solutions LLC
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Founded on July 9th 2012, Star Real Estate Solutions LLC is a brand new company ready to make a difference in today's challenging real estate market.

The company was established by Matthew L. G. Freeman, President and Angela J Freeman who is his wife, business partner and CFO. They are graced to have two daughters Alyssa Juliana, 4 and Analise Jaya, 2. Matthew and Angela have both proudly served in the military for 9 years. Integrity, discipline and leadership are only some of the values instilled in them through that experience. The two of them firmly believe in continuing education, that is why they are always taking real estate courses taught by the best of the best. This is so they can stay current on the latest real estate investment techniques and practices. Blessed to have mentors whose strategies work in an up, down or sideways market, Matthew and Angela bring a new and fresh point of view to real estate investing. They also ensure they only surround themselves with positive, wise and well-connected people.

Although a small and new company, Star Real Estate Solutions LLC's mantra is 'GO BIG OR GO HOME!' That is why they continue to provide the best housing solutions and strategies for their customers. Also, they are privileged to work with frustrated landlords to find solutions as well as with investors looking to make a good return on their hard earn money. The leadership of the company is recognized for ONLY investing in worthwhile ventures, so whatever their current project, it's sure to ALWAYS be the BEST!